Different Dreams

I haven’t a clue where this appeared from but, driving home from Yoga class, I started singing the first few lines of this and it sort of finished itself after dinner. With a melody that you’ll just have to imagine. 🙂

It’s a diff’rent time,

Dreamin’ in my mind,

Images of you near, my dear

In another time.

It’s a diff’rent way

To make it through the day,

Whiling time in dreams of you

In another way.

It’s a different place,

Visions of your face,

Captured on the screen of mind

In another place.

It’s a diff’rent life,

Dreams, they must suffice,

Night times end too soon for me

In the other life.

It’s the strangest dream,

Nothing what it seems

In the waking hours all spent

Waiting for the dream.

It’s another way

To travel through the day,

Closing eyes to dream of you

By night and endless day.

It’s a special time,

Stolen in my mind,

Dreams of diff’rent landscapes

In another place and time.


25 thoughts on “Different Dreams”

      1. Your spirit within my friend. Meditation connects you much closer. You will be surprised what comes through and usually in a symbolic form and especially connected with the feeling it gives you. I get songs that come through, as in current or old songs that are played on the radio, that have a distinct meaning in their words and what that song actually meant for me. It is very relevant to what I am currently dealing with and helps a great deal. Sometimes it has incredible significance and you will be surprised just how much meaning it has for you. Enjoy the connection within momus, and there is no charges for the call 😀


      2. The meditation leaves me completely spaced-out, oblivious during it, not aware of any thought at all. I could float home from it. Save on petrol. 😉 It takes a wee while to think again and then all this random stuff pops in. Quite pleasant when it’s a musical interlude! It also means when I come home I’m good for nothing but eating my dinner and blobbing. All kinds of mellow. And now ready to crash. Dream time. 🙂


      3. Perfect. Your spirit will pop in with what is needed if you ask. Just go with the flow. Just don’t do what I did and enjoyed it that much that I didn’t want to function down here on old mother earth. It is in finding that balance so that you can chat to spirit any time but still put one foot in front of the other down here. Balance in all things my friend. Oh and yes, makes you sleep like a baby…and then spirit comes in to tell you much more as you sleep 🙂 Better keep a diary handy as you will forget very quickly as you wake up. The mind awakens and gets in the way 🙂


      4. Be vewy, vewy afwaid! 😉 I love LOTR. Even although it scared the bejaysus out of me for most of it when I first read it. No fear of anyone equalling that though. Not without hallucinatory intervention. Ooh, meditation! Is that what you meant? On it! 🙂

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    1. I’m knitting a jumper too! Does that count?! Singing while doing it. And laughing so hard at your comment I might p*** myself shortly too. Now there’s multi-tasking talent for you. 🙂 You made me laugh! Thank you. I love laughing. 🙂

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  1. Most people that give life skills advice say live in the now. I understand “it’s a different life” of your dreams. As a retired history teacher I live in 3 dimensions: the past, the present and the possible future. I pity those living merely in the now.


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