Blown Away

Awestruck at the wonder of creation,

Cosmic power inherent in the gas,

Range of teeming life from evolution,

Big history depicted by deGrasse.

I’m watching and I’m filled wth admiration,

My mind bown out of shape by all I hear,

My soul expanding, replicating universe,

Birthed from dust, the ashes of a star,

Blown upon by breath, behold the heavens,

Sculpted by the hand of something grand,

Evolved in seconds of the cosmic calendar,

Like creation story, biblical by man.

The wonder is we wonder and still flounder,

Fighting for a smidgen of the teeniest of tiniest of parts,

Makes me think we’re stupid, don’t deserve it,

Till we live the wonder present in our hearts.

One glass in hand, my feet put up and gazing,

Not at heavens but at man – mere Man – unfolding all my dreams,

Bliss upon a Friday – and all days –

Lost among the stars where nothing’s as it seems.




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