Fevered Souvenirs

Sparing nothing

in casual indifference,

Beggars he

such fevered souvenirs,

Stone key for love’s

revolving door,

Blocking all traffic

of the heart.

Having another bash at a wordle as outlined here. http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/wordle-38-december-8-2014/













Use at least ten of the twelve words selected to create a poem or story. I was stumped to fit ‘hydrogen’ into this one and took ‘chapped’ out when no one answered the door! In ten minutes I’ll probably think of something and want to change it. But I won’t. I only do that sometimes. 😉

It’s fun to try coming up with something from a random selection of words. Have a bash!

6 thoughts on “Fevered Souvenirs”

  1. This was very difficult momus…as good as I could get 🙂

    The hydrogen process of life (Well I had to use the word somehow, a title will do) 🙂

    The key to open that stone, built to cover a weeping heart
    Spare fears for casual traffic, revolving for its part
    Around the block, giving a souvenir to one and all
    Chapped with pain and tears, that journey before a fall
    And when that fever breaks, from that wall built within
    A beggar no longer, only memories where you’ve been


      1. Thank you very much momus. I will do so, and show the world I can do two things at least 😀 But tomorrow is soon enough, been up since 3am and the bed’s a callin’ as it is 11.15pm and my mind is starting to wander…as usual. Mmm, maybe I should have waited till now to do the poem 😀 I thank you for the challenge my friend. Night


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