You left me there beneath a frozen fountain,

Shards of water’d glass to pierce and wound the softest heart,

You bled the air of heat, my one protection,

In blistered cold, interred, I watched us part.

Immovable in flesh, my blood still coursing,

Sluggish but the time in stasis sealed the wounds and healed,

Glazed eyes stirred and savoured early springtime,

New birth awaiting, death repealed.

Reflections Expanded

I walked upon the ghost of far-off travels,

Tiptoed airily thru black vents of wary astral mind

To rediscover treasures stored in heavens,

Soft focused gaze on distance left behind.

I fled through time in worm-holed highways secret,

Cartography unmapped or vaguely marked before,

Sped with light in haze of blurred attraction,

Viewed futures, presents, pasts, concentric core.

I wept in space and droplets fell fast frozen,

Icicles that formed as starry diamonds, cluster’d mass,

I smiled at galaxies anew all tears created

And danced among black-curtained glitter cast.

I waved to others briefly in the passing,

Passages of souls through endless light,

My thoughts returned to space-timed earthly station

To look upon a future shining bright.

I saw the light then everywhere I journeyed,

Tiny lights, all colours twinkling, soft infusion, all aglow,

Reflections of photonic festive wand’rings,

Refractions bounding lightly years below.

The lights they smiled, they laughed, they danced, they flourished,

A spectrum of the loving living world I clearly see,

As prisms casting rainbows flared in darkness,

Gentle kiss of all the souls of let it be.

As I approached the earth I saw the stardust,

Apportioned drops of living zest, alive the liquid light,

Casting brilliance in a grace of earthly flavours,

Colourful, collaborative with sight.

Reds and yellows, blacks and whites all beaming,

Cascading colours, rays refracted, mix of mirror’d hues,

I wondered and I marvelled at dimensions so arrayed before me,

Evolution from one source so misconstrued.

I wept again for fear’d encroaching darkness,

Perpetual night without a gimpse of glowing stars or solar rays,

But tears of love from all who shared such starkness were pinioned in the night sky

and expanded 

To salvage life and save the light of love and days.