Brief Passage

An infancy of moments in a time before we wept,

The shale upon a shore of tides run dry,

Fragments of forgotten in the minds of those who kept

The logbook of all memories ere we die.

The light upon the canvas of the photos that are stored

As the treasures hasped in trunks too hidden well,

Islands bound by oceans’ infestations evermore,

Tsunamied by the rising tidal swell.

Marooned upon the beaches, in the cities, in the streets,

Festooned in slimy seaweed bristled pink,

Garlanded by leviathans, shrill monsters of the deep,

Harpooned as creatures threatened as extinct,

Depicted in the planetary as strange evolving fish,

Corpulent in places yet denied,

Fabled in the storybooks, one true unending wish,

Find the purpose or believe that all have lied.

A momentary passing in a passage all too brief,

An anticlimax to the swelling waves,

Battle-wearied sailors to the storm of timely thief,

Weathered chunks of flesh, the native braves.

Notional the pleasant of the cruise we set upon,

Cast here in the chancing of a date,

Distant shores, horizons, dim glowing of new dawns,

Dependants in the history of fates.


Velveteen Infusion

Take me to the river where secreted ink runs black,

Lead me there, immerse me, turn away, no coming back,

Submersed in currents teeming with letters flowing swift

As words still yet unformed. Cast me there, adrift.

Paper built for purpose absorbing chosen choice,

Silenced in the darkness deep, liquidity of voice.

Drown me in the vapours arising from that place,

A velveteen infusion where silent words still grace.

Once Is Not Enough

I fell in love once.

It was futile in the end.

It didn’t last.

But I’ve loved since then.

I cried some tears once.

I shed them for a friend.

They flowed so fast.

I’ve cried again.

We fought a war once.

A promised one to end.

Peace didn’t last.

Wars fought since then.

I hoped and prayed once.

For violence all to end.

I held on fast.

I prayed again.

We had some faith once.

Belief that we could mend.

It faded fast.

We’ve believed since then.

We built a world once.

With love we had to tend.

That didn’t last.

Needs must try again.