Once Is Not Enough

I fell in love once.

It was futile in the end.

It didn’t last.

But I’ve loved since then.

I cried some tears once.

I shed them for a friend.

They flowed so fast.

I’ve cried again.

We fought a war once.

A promised one to end.

Peace didn’t last.

Wars fought since then.

I hoped and prayed once.

For violence all to end.

I held on fast.

I prayed again.

We had some faith once.

Belief that we could mend.

It faded fast.

We’ve believed since then.

We built a world once.

With love we had to tend.

That didn’t last.

Needs must try again.

8 thoughts on “Once Is Not Enough”

      1. Ernest Hemingway never got confused…mind you, he did smoke a pipe, I think (and maybe it was what was in it 😀 ).
        But no matter, your secretary will keep you up to date, and the manager will guide you…so no worries, it will all come out when you get the Nobel Prize for Literature 🙂


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