Velveteen Infusion

Take me to the river where secreted ink runs black,

Lead me there, immerse me, turn away, no coming back,

Submersed in currents teeming with letters flowing swift

As words still yet unformed. Cast me there, adrift.

Paper built for purpose absorbing chosen choice,

Silenced in the darkness deep, liquidity of voice.

Drown me in the vapours arising from that place,

A velveteen infusion where silent words still grace.

15 thoughts on “Velveteen Infusion”

    1. OK so we’ve established latent tendencies here of the gay variety. It’s ok. Im a bit gay myself! The poem is about words. Reading or writing them. Getting lost in them. Drowning so to speak. Shutting off the bizz of the world in voluminous ‘gay’ poetry and prose. Kinda. 😉

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