On The Menu

Roses breathed to bosom, dusky evening,

Linen tablecoth, choice silverware,

Damask dress, trimmed velvet, black as midnight,

Mackintosh to Mackintosh high chairs.

Crystal leaded, claret perfumed, goblets,

Damson, berried, succulence so full,

Lips to edges, tongues explore, exploding,

Morsels delectating, savoured pull.

Salmon, oaken-smoked, slivers sweating,

Recline invitingly on cress with dressing bare,

Venison richly waiting for the sizzle,

Sides to touch, mere moments, serving rare.

Scattered cushioned silk upon the hearthrug,

Embers banked, maintaining just degree,

Freesia perfumed water by the fireside,

Elevating moisture tremulously.

Sparkling eyes aglow, pearlies nibbling

Cream on chill in earthenware to pour,

Forested kirsch and cherry brandy, 

Coffee bubbling, ambient the air.

Lazy ease, recumbent postures, idling,

Somnabulent with sleep, determined smiles,

Comforted, sense comforted, piled hearthrug,

Rarest sensories for miles and wiles.


18 thoughts on “On The Menu”

  1. Now either you had an absolutely romantic evening or you’re dreaming of one. This took me back to castles, with the venison..then I got to the coffee, did they have coffee? Either way a romantic, sensual and alluring piece of writing Madame 💚 loved it x


      1. By the time I’ve finished cooking over the festive period for my crew and all and sundry I think there’s more chance I’ll be sound asleep on the hearthrug! But I’m loking forward to the food. That’s my menu sorted. 🙂

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    1. You’ve denied yourself sensory pleasure, my friend. Carrot and celery, no wine, decaf…good grief, I’m shocked thinking about that level of abstinence on an ongoing basis. Get that sorted at once! 🙂

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      1. A particular individual (whom I shall not name 🙂 ), showed me how I was blocking my journey within with all the ‘good’ stuff. Mind you, said individual also said it was part of the journey to taste, drink, fall down totally smashed, gorge and just plain old scoff all of those lovely things to ‘find myself’ on this incredible path that is life. Gotta know one side to appreciate the other.
        I just happen to be on the ‘other’ :D. But what memories lol. Mmm, better not go there, red faces everywhere. I’ll give you a hint, after 2 glasses I’m anybodies, after 3 I’m everybodies 😀

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