Time Warped

Time warped,

the minutes and the hours,

seconds passing sleep or wide alert,

Night-time sojourns

meshing into mornings,

dawnings falling backwards disconcert.


inelegance of musings,

 stars unseen in murky hash through pane,

Daylight darkness,

entangled sleeping patterns,

or time, warped, misdelivered by the rain.

10 thoughts on “Time Warped”

  1. I too, get lost in your words….
    But for a very different reason.
    I have no idea what in the hell it’s about, but for some reason I keep trying and reestablishing the fact that I am an idiot.
    I actually break the poems of yours down into pieces and try to see what you’re trying to convey in the words.
    I hate disappointing you, you have such a high opinion of me…; )
    Even though you lied!!! (e.g. bulletin board sound familiar?)
    The one thing you can be proud of, to some extent, is that you make me WANT to figure this mess out.
    I will keep trying and i will persevere.
    One day…..it will become clear.


    1. Right, first of all, about the ‘lie’. You’re driving along in your big truck and you see a place you fancy stopping but time’s pressing and you think to catch it later. Then you don’t. A bit like that. In my mind then out of mind. I’ll need to write on my hand – I have to do that sometimes – to remind myself to stop my truck now and again.
      I’m delighted you read any of my poetry, Trey, although, (note to self) it shouldn’t be so vague. Check the tags for clues. 🙂

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