7 thoughts on “Diaphanous Blues”

  1. Now you’re just “fecking” with me! Why do you do this? You know I can’t understand good poetry! I had to look up “diaphonous” to actually try and see your meaning in it. Well, I know what “diaphonous” means now and I get the whole “veiled” “sheer” “illusion” thingee, but “Sheerer in shearing” reference…? What is it about with Scots and sheep? Am I missing something?
    I am a neanderthal.
    But, i think I got it….,


    1. What have you got against sheep? If it weren’t for numerous flocks of the wee buggers and the Industrial Revolution, I might be living in the Highlands instead of Glasgow. Distinct dearth of mountains and lochs round about these here parts. I’ve never sheared a sheep in my life but I can knit some grand things from their backs. I think you did very well with the poem and might only have missed the fact that shearing refers to more than just sheep. Maybe I should have used shredding instead, come to think of it.
      Either way this comment had me laughing just when I needed one. Must get me a neanderthal man for Christmas! How does one wrap one of those? 🙂

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