Year In The Fire

The fire glimmers softly at this time of year,

Dulled with amber glow and vague reflection,

Crusted embers fused in furnaced carbon tears,

Mingled joyous sadness and dejection.

Beginnings of the ending of another passaged year,

Vault of mem’ries scanned in observation,

Stockings hung, as adults, anticipating all good cheer,

Pros and cons on mantelpiece selection.

Twas once upon the last day of the dying of each year

That I gazed into the flames of self-perception,

Feather to the balance of the heart, reviewed with fear,

Weighted gaze, self-analyzed confession.

Distanced through the haze in the glow of burnt-out year,

A summary of days passed in completion,

Banked one upon the other, at life calendar I peer,

In moments quiet peaceful introspection.

Some coals that I have gathered in the bunker of this year

I’ll store in baskets woven for retention,

Others I will burn to warm and I’ll hold dear

The treasures earthed from pits and recollection.


8 thoughts on “Year In The Fire”

  1. what a wonderfully worded look back and the year and a warm look ahead. happy holidays and new year to you, and i look forward to reading many more words from you in the coming year – beth

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  2. Flames, rebirth, clearing, past, future, hopes, fears….and then some idiot flips a page on a calendar and it all starts again :D. 2015, here we come 🙂
    Sorry, I shouldn’t be flippant, that was very beautifully written as always, with much thought, feeling and wisdom my friend, thank you.
    And thank you for an absolutely amazing year momus, it has been a pleasure to be dragged kicking and screaming into your classroom of fun, poetry and an amazing book (or 2?) for 2014.
    I have been allowed a friendship full of life and it is my pleasure and hope that we may do it again next year.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, may it be filled with all the love, poetry and the odd glass of red for many a cheer momus. Big hug from downunder. Mark xo

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  3. Actually, Mark, the first part of your comment makes a lot of sense. It shouldn’t matter what time of the year it is for living and/or introspection. I seem to be bound by seasonal changes and anniversaries that are mood altering. I’ve long known that I hate winter. I should really be a hibernating creature at this time of year. My thoughts too often turn to spring and longer, lighter days. But, on the upside, I finished all my Christmas shopping last night – who says it can’t be done in a matter of days!
    Now my mental calendar is flipping through what’s still to be done in prep. Then countdown to New Year – which I hate. That depresses the hell out of me. See, a real wee bundle of joy! 😉
    Once the 1st is by with, I’ll be back to myself, start editing my book, and sniffing the air for signs of early spring every day onwards till I get a whiff.
    Thank you so much, Mark, for such a wonderful comment. I value the connections made here and feel I know many as friends although never met – with the exception of one lovely Canadian. Hi, Cole! 🙂
    I look forward to more of the same next year. Once I get Christmas and Hogmanay out of the way. Ho, ho, ho. Where’s that feckin’ wrapping paper? 😉
    Big hugs, Mark and a happy holiday season to you and yours.x


    1. Oooh momus, you may be one of those poor creatures that suffer from lack of vitamin D (your body converts it from the sun…bloody constant rain and fog, I think they call it Seasonal Affective Disorder :)), a constant depression etc. Look it up. BUT, it may be the driver behind amazing poetry and genius in the classroom :), and a book or two 🙂
      Maybe I can bottle a bit of our sunshine and send it across….but beware, the bloody thing is currently running amok and doing 35 degrees (95F old scale), and enough humidity to hatch a pine tree, storms that are drowning train stations and winds that the Wright Brothers would have gone home from. So much fun, so little time 🙂
      Blessings received with the poetic blessings they were given, and returned in kind my friend. The genius of 2014 will soon be something to remember but outshone by the Literature of a Legend in 2015 😀 Looking forward to more magic Anne-Marie…let it flow like the gift that it is. Mark xo


      1. I am one such. Had it diagnosed when all sorts of physical ailments started appearing. Ended up off work till I got the levels up to reasonable with massive doses of supplements from the doc. Guess what I did while I was off work then? Well, my brother did. Started this here blog! I’m supposed to be fine now with continued supplements but what I really need is a month or two in the sunshine on an island soaking up the real stuff. Without the storms and humidity. Closing my eyes now in imagination. Bliss!
        See, that’s where poetry is birthed. 😉 No supplements required there. God bless, Mark. And I hope your weather settles into something more enjoyable.x

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