Overtones and undertones of beauty all displayed

Upon rough-tumbled mattress, here no feathered bed,

Interwoven tresses cascading onto floor,

Rumpled cloth and denim, silken-casualled lore.

Breathed in creamed complexion, undisturbed in sleep,

Portrait of simplicity, in dreamland while I peep.

Softened heart displayed on lips,

Relaxing in repose,

Daughter number two, unthorned,

Delicately dazzling rose.


13 thoughts on “Mary-Kate”

  1. Very beautiful momus…they are a treasure. It’s 10.45pm here…I think I can hear a jingle in the distance, I better get me some sleep before I eat too many of those cookies 🙂
    Mind you, it’s not the cookies that are the problem, some one left a bottle of Wild Turkey Liqueur out…I’m trying to convince myself should I go ho, ho, ho or glug, glug, glug 😀
    Merry Christmas Anne-Marie, spend it with all those treasures, they grow up too soon as it is. Lots of love, Mark xo

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  2. This is lovely, Anne-Marie – brought tears to my eyes. have a truly wonderful Christmas, won’t you? And sorry to have been out of touch recently. Ali xxx

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  3. Wonderful, Anne-Marie. Hope you, Frank and the kiddos have a wonderful holiday, filled with love and laughter. I’ll send a longer note when I have access to a consistently-functioning laptop. Merry Christmas, my dear friend. xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Cole. You too. We’ve had a great day (although I think I’ll be hiring a chef in coming years or opening a restaurant!) Hope Santa brought you a lovely new laptop. 😉 x


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