Dream Works

Elsa huggled in close,

arms around me,

unable to see my face and tears

as Princess Fiona found true love again.

My own princess Anna turned at a sniffle and asked,

‘Are you crying at Shrek?’

Disbelief evident in her tone and on her face.

How to explain to the blue sateen and gauze beside me

That fabric is deceiving,

That beauty is as beauty does

And that surface is only that.

A lesson repeated for the umpteenth time.

Always worth repeating.

Shrek’s one of the good guys.

A prince among men.

I’m glad dreams work in reality.

And that some princesses are taught to know the difference.

8 thoughts on “Dream Works”

    1. Thanks,Brenda. Lessons from the cartoons, eh? I cry at some strange movies. Good tears though. 🙂 Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas with more to follow.x


      1. I hadn’t seen this one so I was good with it. But I could weep when it’s the gazillionth time on one of their faves. Some adverts have been known to get me going too. Cosmic alignment and hormones, eh? I’ll remember that for next time. 🙂


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