Curse or Cure

As one who buys into the curse of honest self-reflection,

I ponder ruse that briefs process, selective recollection,

Doughty effort, spirit voice, appraisals for collection,

Doubts regale, does truth prevail in analysed introspection.

And say what should the truth reveal in all the moments pensive,

Would aught be learned or changed withal or rejected, I dismissive

At risen thought and actions wrought, words that I have spoken,

Accepted, viewed, for change previewed, or merely selfish token.

A gesture only, naught confessed to mind and all that matters,

Hidden guilt, a comfort quilt, then tossed in pieces, scattered.

No perfection, no, not here, nor nearly, though aspired,

Appraisals made, some darker shades of earthbound, deep desires.

Very much a worldly way in living here below,

These thoughts that haunt, as spectres gaunt, a valve restrictive flow

To missives from my spirit born, my better half, by far,

Reflections thrust, my heart unjust, life and time to scar.

But still, I ponder, recollect, review and hope rebounds

That thinking ranges, plans the changes, till spirit voice resounds.


2 thoughts on “Curse or Cure”

  1. And spirit does guide us momus, when we finally look to see
    Another world of wonder, surprised that this could be
    But when we find our truth, that connection to our heart
    All our life comes together, many pieces of a part
    And from that understanding, your pen is writing true
    Shows a beauty that is within, the gift that is you

    Never a curse momus, it is the beauty within just trying to break free and allow us a true expression. You just happen to have a lively spirit within 🙂
    Health Warning: When we release all our fears, it really starts. We open right up and it begins to flow in earnest. They won’t be able to write the books fast enough for what comes out 😀

    P.S. Looking forward to reading the books 🙂


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