New Year, New Hope, All Hail

All hail the revolution that may flourish

When actions, thought, intentions coincide,

A passion plea for peace to nurture, nourish,

Revolution of the minds burst open wide.

A global epidemic of proportions,

Pandemic thus, reliant on the means,

Communicable by communication,

Reticulated, networking at the seams.

Where once upon a dreamscape we envisaged

Peace alignment, massive in its scale,

Let words and actions make the global village,

We can do this, yes, believe, we can prevail.

Wishing you all a peaceful and hope-filled New Year.

May we flourish as one humanity.

Anne-Marie x


17 thoughts on “New Year, New Hope, All Hail”

  1. Show time! It’s already 8.30am New Years Day over here, all I can hear is the silence after a very big night….oh, and the occasional moan from a hangover 😀
    This is the year of believing in ourselves and standing in our truth Anne-Marie.
    Happy New Year, may it be full of Harmony, Happiness and a heart full of Hope. xo

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    1. Avoiding hangovers like the plague ….but not completely successfully. 😉 I thnk last night saw the end of the parties so I’m all socialised out now! Time to hibernate and write and make ready for return to work. There’s a lot to be said for routine after the Christmas holidays. Hope this is your best year yet, Mark.x

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  2. Happy new year to you, SS. I haven’t had the chance yet to view your vlog but I have it saved for some free time. Looking forward to hearing and seeing you in action…fearlessly. It will be just like meeting. Maybe this year. It feels full of possibility. 🙂 x


  3. Hmph. I said I “Liked” it, but that is only because it is a really fine piece of writing. That starry-eyed optimism don’t surface my sub. Paugh!!

    I, too, see random acts as all-important,
    The small things adding up to greater deeds,
    Like viruses they spread among the masses,
    Establishing in crevices like weeds.

    I wish the dandelions were always sunny,
    And gave to us all yummy salad greens,
    But spikey, stabby, leaves have taken over,
    As ways have grown to justify the means.

    I’ll leave to you your sunny disposition,
    Just let me stew alone in my own gloom,
    My misanthropic outlook makes me happy,
    When each new dawn does not deliver doom!


    Yes, I am misanthropic, but this is SO clearly tongue-in-cheek, in my case, since each new day DOES deliver doom…sigh…but I still feel hope, silly thing that I am. 😀
    I believe we each can make positive ripples in the pond. I will do my part to try harder to do so, and to remember to ask for God’s help with this (in my belief system, s/he/it does not “fate” anything–cruelty to babies? Yikes–but is more like a giant battery, there to help out if we ask).

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  4. I tried pessimism but I didn’t like it. It depressed me. So I decided on a new perspective and to go with what came most naturally to me. Not being able to suppress hope I figured I must be a natural optimist. With a touch of depression now and again to keep my feet on the ground. It’s less of a bugger to balance now that I’ve embraced it. 😉
    Thanks for taking the time to write a poetic comment. I enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek. Here’s to hope and the ripple effect. And a good (positive) year onwards. 🙂


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