Tally Marks

Tally marks on life’s wall,

One, two, three, four,

Strike through.

Depressing mostly,

Days and year

In review.

Who likes to see

The wall gouged so,

Not I.

But inevitability,

Like the strikes,

Circles the calendar,

We go on.

The one day,

The only one,

(apart from birthdays!)

When a settled desolation

Holds heart in its hands

And questions all.

Strike this one through,


Bearing in mind,

That the very young,

Hope constant in their hearts,

Needing no reminder,

Celebrate new years

And birthdays

As growth marks

On the way forward.

Perhaps we have just forgotten,

Every day,

Even this one,

Is a gift.

So I’ll dance

With the very young,

Partake of their libation,

Joie de vivre,

Happy in all days

And years.

Tally marks unknown.


6 thoughts on “Tally Marks”

    1. Thank you, Suzie. Happy New Year to you. I’ll need to catch up with you soon. I’ve only been nipping in and out of blogs when I get the chance. You sound as if you had a lovely Christmas. I hope the year brings wonderful things your way. Hugs.x


    1. Thank you, Lita. I was a bit of a party pooper on Hogmanay – only lasted till 2a.m. Too many late nights before and since. Ready for a rest at work! I hope you have a great year ahead.x


  1. I just envisioned marks on the wall, a way of measurement. I think if I did this with my life, I would have so many little notes next to the lines, it would read something like Sanskrit.

    Peace & Love

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  2. I was thinking about the wall being a writing board funnily enough. A giant chalkboard from school! 😉 I received your lovely Christmas card. It has pride of place on the mantelpiece. And not a trace of Sanskrit in sight. 😉 We need to catch up soon, Rene, now that I can draw breath again. I hope this year is filled with promise and potential my friend. Hugs to you and your crew.x


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