Pillowcase Presence

Memory in the touch that calls to reason,

Abstraction just a place where stars collide,

Disjointed dreams, some fraught with lesions,

Others merely shelter deep inside.

Some there are as pivot, giving warning,

Advancing cause, regulating mood,

Semblance of the real restored in morning,

Sonorous with wonder at all good.

Sleep adrift, in darkness, searching moonlight,

Inner eye to sky bestowed, in reach,

Rested in the present, gifted new sight,

How dreams in darkness touch, to lovers teach.

Elegance purveyed amid the chaos,

Confusion unconfessed so sweet absolved,

Bartered dreams, reality with no loss,

Unravelled theories, string unwound, life solved

On pillowcase near perfumed by your presence,

A touch to mind, to heart, to memories,

Kaleidoscope of visions void by essence

Of you beside, inside all drowned out tears.


4 thoughts on “Pillowcase Presence”

  1. This is stunning writing, Anne-Marie: the flow and resonance work wonderfully, evoking everything that a dream is/ can be. I keep returning to this poem as it really strikes a chord. Superb!

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    1. Thank you so much, Chris, for such a lovely comment. This reminds me of what I have outwith dreams. One foot in both plains. I’m so glad it spoke to you. It makes me happy when any words I write touch or mean something to the reader. Many thanks again.x

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