Ripple On Our Radius

In vast countries where a billion different voices

Murmur in their work and mull in thought

Are the seeds of revolution because choices

Lack the freedom, doing what we ought.

In the stitching of the garments and the ploughing

Fields we furrow for vague greater good

There are questions as we bow our heads to tasking

Asking if we’re doing all we should

To be the one, the only one, we’re born to,

To realise the goals, the greater aims,

To be the actions that may speak because we owe to

Selves and world, justice in our names.

In the factories and countries wide where souls ache,

Trammeled while we’re working for the man,

Eked existence slowly lived while hearts break,

Years swiftly bypass doing, as we think, the best we can.

In the motion of the moon and yearly tidings

Howls inside are rising, seeking sky,

Portents of a future, bands of wildness,

Growling in the question, why me, why.

Dare we risk, in idle speculation,

The what ifs, should I’s, didn’ts, not my job,

Plodding on, a controlled automation,

While frustrations muster, gathering in mob.

Can we be the changes in our lifetime,

The only voice we’re given for a while,

Can we work and think, still being active,

Ripple on a radius within our mile. 


7 thoughts on “Ripple On Our Radius”

  1. That is a very amazing piece momus. (Book! :)). It had much power because of its truth.
    To look within and see a thing, and be aware that it leads us. To see the pain of what we are and express it so others may see too.
    May the ripples of our lives change us all. Namaste


    1. I think it might be the only way, Beth. The standard ways don’t seem to work too well. Depending on others to do what we must. Most change of worth I see occurring or actions that have positive impact are from individuals, either working alone, or working in harmony with others. Thank god, I do see it. I just want to see more of it. Thank you for reading and commenting, Beth.x


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