Life Is Brave

Living on the edge, near rivers churning,

A quake away from heartbeat shocked to still,

In sight of Etnas, fleet of foot no saviour,

Threatened on all sides but stood, by will.

A bomb away from end in messy graveyard,

Bullets hailing fast as driving snow,

Yet we live, rejoice in what’s around us,

Still we love and risk as on we go, 

Belittling fear, unworthy as oppressor,

Aged in ashes fallen all through time,

Better yet, we weather all, endeavour

Unity, resilient, we’ll be fine.

Disease away from death as on time marches,

Detritus around, we veer and wave,

Hope eternal, risen from the pyres,

Onwards, ever onwards, life is brave.


7 thoughts on “Life Is Brave”

      1. I was feeling more hopeful in this one, recognising that we are resilient in the face of adversity. We always have been, I needed to remind myself. But, yesterday’s post got away from me in sadness and confusion. Felt lost. But better today, somewhat. I’m glad you felt saw some hope in this one, Susan.x


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