Nemesis – or my careless daughter

It gushed and flowed and entered every crevice,

It poured and pelted down relentlessly,

It flooded where it seeped, no malice, no, nor menace,

But source of life a nuisance still to me.

Or daughter maybe, with a careless handling,

Unshuttered doors and singing when I heard

The cascade, yes, a cascade, waterfalling

While I shouted and she heard not a word.

Bugger, damn and feck it, I’m tormented,

The rain it comes, then snow, and now this mess,

I’m buying an ark and sailing off, demented,

Water, in all forms, my nemesis.

Except bluey-geen oceans

and an iced glass.

Fall Together

Did you fall, my friend, and fear the jeering laughter,

an awkward stumble,

without grace



in disarray,



Did you fall, my friend, and worry for the rising,




laid out,


judgements pending,

did you fall.


Will you stand again,

despite the fall

and fears

and see the kindness

in spectators’ eyes,

no vicious slights,


in recognition

of our own

falls known.


Did you fall, my friend,

I know that spot,

for I have fallen too.

We fall. We rise. Together.