Nemesis – or my careless daughter

It gushed and flowed and entered every crevice,

It poured and pelted down relentlessly,

It flooded where it seeped, no malice, no, nor menace,

But source of life a nuisance still to me.

Or daughter maybe, with a careless handling,

Unshuttered doors and singing when I heard

The cascade, yes, a cascade, waterfalling

While I shouted and she heard not a word.

Bugger, damn and feck it, I’m tormented,

The rain it comes, then snow, and now this mess,

I’m buying an ark and sailing off, demented,

Water, in all forms, my nemesis.

Except bluey-geen oceans

and an iced glass.


9 thoughts on “Nemesis – or my careless daughter”

  1. Someone leave the door open to the elements…maybe it is safer out there :), and it will begin to warm up in a few more weeks. Ok, maybe another month or two.
    I can see it now, a tent in the backyard….free at last 😀

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    1. I was just saying this morning that, with our climate, we really deserve to have guaranteed sunshine at least for a month or two in the summer. But you never can be sure here. It’s a lottery everyday.
      Poor Louise is feeling incredibly guilty at not closing the shower doors properly and flooding that room and the bathroom below. I thought there was a hole in the roof the way it was pouring through the ceiling. Just as well I heard it or we’d be swimming in it. Weans, sent to try us. 😉


      1. Spirit told me it was the shower but my head got in the way and thought…no, how could it come from the shower with someone inside 😀 And on I went.
        Yes, they do test us momus. Apparently it teaches US things when we think it is the other way round 🙂 At our age you would think it was time we had a rest 🙂


      2. You’d think, wouldn’t you? Ah, well, it keeps me on my toes. And I’ll be on my toes for some years to come what with the ages of my crew. No major damage done so all’s well. Till the next time. 😉

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