A Real State

Every time I closed my eyes I saw people, 

Strangers in my midst with tools in hand,

And every time I saw them I dismissed them,

They shrugged and left but returned when I turned round.

My husband couldn’t see them though I told him,

My children couldn’t see, they raised their brows,

I felt crazy with myself and with the whole crowd,

Who were these men and why were they here now.

I entered rooms and there they were dismantling

Everything they found and deemed demised,

I argued, shouted, waved my hands before them,

They shrugged again and, though gone, were still inside.

I hurried to the rooms that they were haunting,

Not spectres, no, but quite determined still

That all my protestations, all my anguish,

Could be ignored while on they went about their will.

My eyes were opened in their closed state, I knew this,

A dreamer’s state but wakened yet withal,

I’d wake for real, return and there they were still present,

A nightmare to a sleeper when sleep calls.

I had to write this down upon my waking,

Or did I write it while still in my dream

Or was the dream and all the fears and terrors

An illustration of my mind and world for real.


9 thoughts on “A Real State”

  1. Said you were ‘opening’. You’ve touched something to be able to write this. Fear will push it away, stand in the love that you are and relax into it, I think you are being shown something for the gift of who you are momus.
    That state IS the connection…awake but not, and the impact can be quite profound. Understand the images AND the feelings that go with them. Most times they represent something in your life, but sometimes it can be literal. Keep a journal.
    Welcome to your connection within momus 🙂 Namaste

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    1. This is one I can interpret fairly easily although there are many different sub-texts in the whole. I do get lucid dreams but this was a belter in terms of how many times I woke within the dream and without only to return to the same scenes. I wrote this and had to go back to sleep. I was shattered from all the disruption. But I did get some peaceful shut-eye and no longer look quite like the ghost of Christmas past or present or future. You name it, the time scales were all there. Thank god for the present. Time travel’s a tiring bitch. 😉 Now, on with the day in hand. 🙂

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    2. Thanks, Mark. I’m telling you, I don’t need the TV for adventures. My dreams are constant just now. I can’t remember all the ins and outs of them all though. Sometimes, the whole thing is like a newsreel and other times it’s just snippets surfacing throughout the day. I was saying to Daniel on one of my other posts that I was on a motorbike with Hugh Jackman last night, in the midst of some rescue operation. But I’ll be buggered if I can remember it all. I did enjoy it though so that’s something! 🙂

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      1. Sometimes it can make you feel a little disjointed as you become accustomed to the new bits that you can now do (whatever or however your gift affects you). You will find new things that you can do, just don’t try to force them. Becoming accustomed to spirit coming through is on a different time frame from our ‘I want it now’ type living. Not that you don’t have patience momus 🙂
        I will know what someone is thinking (not all the time, don’t panic :D) and answer them like they are talking to me…and the shock on their faces can be quite amazing. But it normally only comes across because it is needed as part of a healing.
        As I mentioned, what comes through can be quite a jumble to start with. Just go with the flow and start to write it down (another book thing :)), and after a while you will find meaning in what you see and feel within that contact.
        I don’t have too many crazy dreams these days, mostly just a prompt for some understanding that help me in my learning of my journey.
        Mind you, Sandra can pop in any time she likes 😀


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