Letting Light In

Brick by brick we built the walled protection,

Apertures, slit-crossed, for more defence,

Moated lakes surrounding valued castles

Or maybe simple whited picket fence.

Bit by bit we fenestrated wider,

Casements swinging freely to the air,

Still the walls enclosed, obscuring vision,

Justified, of course, for need of lair.

One day, perhaps, when bastions are French-glazed,

Doors that open wide, encircling, global round,

Maybe then the arrows will be quiver’d,

Eureka moment, Archimedes proud.



9 thoughts on “Letting Light In”

    1. I sure hope so. My dreams are full of rooms and doors and strangers. Mind you, last night, I was on a motorbike with Hugh Jackman. No kidding! I can’t remember all the ins and outs but there was some rescue in progress. I wish I could record them to play back. 🙂

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  1. Perhaps, one day, this dream will come true. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom why people can’t see the obvious, and why others create fear to control them. But then perhaps that is the nature of the Human condition.
    Strong words, Anne-Marie.

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