Passion Versus Talent

I recently saw a picture that an acquaintance had painted and I knew at that moment that I would never paint again. What she had painted was an image that I have had in my head for more than 30 years. I paint recreationally. I enjoy the process of putting paint to canvas and watching an image emerge. This twenty-something woman had taken the image from my head and brought it to life. And she had no idea. Her stunning picture of an open ocean at the moment the sun breaches the horizon was breathtaking! And I didn’t paint it!

I’ve have always believed that to have talent one must have passion. The reverse is not always true. One can have incredible passion and have absolutely no talent. Seriously, you never want to see me dance! When it comes to painting I don’t think I’m that bad. I think my paintings are quite good. When I say good I don’t mean in the manner of a Renoir or a Monet. I just think as an amateur they’re not half bad. But they are not showroom quality. I have accepted this. But I still enjoy painting.

As individuals we don’t have to be the best. We only have to try our best. And that should be good enough for us. When we spend too much time depending on others to value us, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Every individual has value. It may not be in the way you think or the way you want to be worthy, but you are still important. We all are. I don’t need some art connoisseur to tell me that I’m not good enough. I am good enough for me. And seriously, I enjoy painting. I refuse to let my lack of talent interfere with my passion.