Taller than Tibetan peaks and wider

Than oceans vast, no finite count

Or measure to attain,

Deeper than all trenches, deemed elusive,

More omnipotent than all rulers ever reigned.

Sweeter than all sugared of confections,

Of honeyed traps

So tempting to all tastes,

More succulent than fruits extreme, exotic,

More precious than any diamond’s face.

Superlative in wonder and in grandeur,


In scaling heady heights,

In delving and delighting in its facets,

No stronger force than love in all its might.



8 thoughts on “Superlative”

  1. Lovely, my dear! This is my first visit since your huge make over!! where is the EYE!!??? 😀 it is so clean and proper,hopefully that won’t stop you from swearing and writing erotica:) xx

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    1. It disappeared when I tried out a new theme and I haven’t had the chance to do anything more with it. It might reappear to haunt! Along with what I can muster up in the other departments. 😉

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