A Loveless Cup – hypocrisy

I couldn’t quite decide which way to go with the loving cup so you get two for the price of one. Whether you like it or not! It’s a bargain. 🙂

The Quaich – a loving cup

A bit less loving in its purpose here below………


And so they lifted lips to gilded vessel,

Sips they shared, the wine a loving cup,

Drank a toast to trust and to their unions,

Fashioned fealties, supped with every drop.

Sacrificed simplicity to beggared,

Adornments guilt-edged, paths of royalty,

Fettered by encroaching ways and tethered,

Love ceded to complex hypocrisy.



11 thoughts on “A Loveless Cup – hypocrisy”

      1. It can feel very demeaning and painful. It’s like your doubts about yourself are being reinforced by the way you are being treated. Confidence within yourself take a hit whenever it occurs.
        Until one day you find your heart, after going through some of the most painful things in life (and they are needed so that you do find yourself), and those bits that are thrown at you no longer matter, they have no meaning, and to top it off, you see the pain in the other party who are trying to drag you to where they are at and you actually feel sorry for them because you see in them where you used to be.
        May your cup only have wine in it momus 😀

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      2. Now there is some synchronicity for you momus. Another thing that your higher self does is bring things to your attention, like that (and usually in three’s so it will stand out). What does a drinking cup, ceremony or maybe even an announcement mean for you? Someone pregnant in your clan…marriage…or some other celebration.
        Actually I shouldn’t put things to you, it always comes back to what it means for you (where it might be a celebration to me, to you it might mean someone has found your whisky stash :D)

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  1. Another very nicely crafted piece of enlightenment! Have you heard of #1000Voices yet? I’d love to invite you to join in. Writing about compassion, a thousand bloggers linking up, all on Feb 20. Your voice will be an awesome addition. . .

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      1. Sure! If you want to sign up yours will be listed in the publication too. If you’re interested in that sort of thing. I just wanted to let you know about because I sense a big, compassionate heart with you and on top of that your blog rocks.

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      2. That might be the nicest compliment I’ve ever received! I mean about the big, compassionate heart. I truly hope so. And I’m glad you think my blog rocks. 🙂
        I thought #1000voices was just a twootering thing, linking up. Do you have a link for it?


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