Can’t Help It…What’s mine is yours

I’m a few haufs in here. Browsing t’internet, faceythinging, twootering, emailing and listening to a cd mix of my daughter’s at the same time. Multi-tasking on a Friday night. (while eating a Crunchie!)

I saw this video during the week on a blog I follow and enjoyed it so much I watched it twice. I would reblog but I’ll be fecked if I can remember whose blog it was on. So You Tube it is. Addition to the multi-tasking. What a woman! What a wonder t’internet is!

The CD mix I’m listening to has this song on it and I can’t hear it now without reliving this guy’s epic performance. So my earworm is yours.

Tough shit if you don’t like Taylor Swift in my house.

This is also on the CD and I love this guy.

Watch it or don’t. That’s the mood I’m in. 🙂 This guy has a cracking voice. Hearing him without seeing him gives a lie to ageism.

Finished my Crunchie. Fortunately Grouse has a way to go. Wee weans are in their beds. Big weans are doing big weans’ stuff. Hubs was watching kickbaw the last time I saw him and gave him a Crunchie. No euphimisms. Just Friday night at the Hurleys. And I’m awake. Bonus!

Happy Fridays! And a grand weekend to you all. May all your Crunchies be filled with beat and bonus times.

Just gonna watch that cop again. I think I might fancy him! Sense of humour and rhythm – cannae whack it!

And the bonus is…

Because I’ve read a lot of posts about time this week. And I have some right now. Joy!

Still not helping it…

So??? It’s Friday. And music. And what’s mine is yours. And I like his music. And. What the feck. Give me one good reason…





The Thrill

Bird in the sky

It’s a wide sky to fly out on your own here,

Kinda lonesome in a lovely sort of languid, lithesome way,

Like distance is no object on a clear day

And wings are happy just to flap away.

It’s a long time I’ve travelled on this journey,

Kinda ages since I roosted for a rest,

Like someone’s moved the landmarks without warning

But I’m happy doing what I do the best.

It’s the flight, you see, that really is the main part,

Kinda shooting breeze and riding currents fair,

Like flying without falling is my skill set

And nothing in this world can quite compare.

It’s the way I am, you know, I’m off the wire,

Kinda restless when I have to stay too still,

Like motion is my purpose and my meaning,

It’s a gift of wings and head for heights that thrill.