Bright Pretender

Spring’s pretending thru’ my kitchen window,

Shining on my pots and all my pans,

A cunning bigger bugger’s spying on her,

Keeping winter just too close at hand.

Music’s playing on my kitchen juke-box,

I’m dancing while I cook and while I sing

‘Cause Spring’s pretending at my window

Promising the longer days it brings.

Roast is sizzling comfort in the oven,

Knowing well that any minute soon

The great dissenter shunts my little hoper,

Fills with clouds that darken brightest room.

But I’ll still dance and cook and sing on,

Believing in the tiny peep I’ve viewed,

I’ll serve up hope along with tatties

And slices of pretender I’ve imbued.

Spring is singing and she’s dancing,

We’re jiving here at light that’s on its way,

Pretence or not, I love my little glimmer,

She’s in my kitchen, brightening up my day.



15 thoughts on “Bright Pretender”

  1. Nice one! ⭐

    I love these verses:

    ~”I’m dancing while I cook and while I sing

    ‘Cause Spring’s pretending at my window

    Promising the longer days it brings”~

    Sending you all my best wishes!. Aquileana 😀

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  2. So, I take it you don’t want our little warmth we have here? 35 C (95 F old scale) with a night of just laying in a pool of sweat 🙂
    Oh, and to top it off, because it is our Australia Day long weekend, they (tourists), partied on the level underneath me till all hours…and didn’t invite me.
    So I opened everything up to cool down a bit…and awoke to a thunderstorm reeking havoc in all the balcony doors and windows.
    Must be something in the air 😀
    Your spring isn’t far away momus, she just give you a little tease to let you know you weren’t forgotten.
    Thinking of you too, as I go for my early morning (and cooler thankfully), walk to renew my energy for the day 🙂

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    1. Are you joking me, man? I’d kill for something in the double digits round about now. C or F! Then I wouldn’t be in bed with fluffy socks on!
      Oh, I can just see it, feel it. Lucky bugger!
      Well, my little glimpse of lighter days here will have to do for a while.
      Happy Australia Day for tomorrow or today – I’m never sure no matter how many times I’m told. 😉
      Have a splash in the sea for me, please. I miss it. I know what I’ll be dreaming of tonight. See you there! 🙂


      1. Oh, good one. I’ll print it off, stick it under my pillow and guarantee the destination. Get rid of the overcast though. I find overcast very depressing – low skies, you see, nae use. High skies is what we want. When do we want them? Yesterday. And thereafter. 🙂

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