I Bring To You

How beautiful would these gifts be? I want them all. 🙂

Experimental Fiction

This is quite similar to an older poem I wrote, but I think it’s different enough to merit the ‘new’ tag. I hope you like it.

I bring to you
A world in pause,
An empire in a moment;
Unending light from
Every star,
Falling snow in crystal jar,
A love forever potent.

I bring to you
A summers day,
Four seasons in a heartbeat;
The spring in beauty
Laid before,
Autumn’s rain as down it pours,
A winters cold replete.

I bring to you
A time unknown,
A legend of the ages;
The tales of history
All for you,
Ancient stories false and true,
Our past in fragile pages.

I bring to you
My every word,
All images I conjure;
My poetry and
Prose laid out,
From whispered sigh to angry shout,
A world that’s built of wonder.

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