Old and New

New class, brand new school,

Old ways and new ways combined

Harmony in action.

new school 2 new school 3 new school new school 4







Monday saw me move into this wonderful new school building. We’ve been going at it solid for three days, unpacking and setting up again, getting prepped for the return of the children today who scored three days off in the move. I’ve been climbing all over furniture hanging frieze paper on to fresh, new walls.

From this..

old school

Rotting from inside,

Beneath papered coverings,

Old gone very wrong.

The dilapidated decant building used while the new school was being built. What lies beneath the paperwork, right enough. Uncovered in all its glory while we stripped every inch of the old bare to salvage the worthwhile. January has been a different sort of job, teaching while packing and uncovering the horrors beneath. The Scottish Parliament has been investing in new schools the length and breadth of the country. Investing in the future. In our children. I, for one, am extremely thankful that some old things, long past their sell-by-date, will soon be demolished. It is possible to keep the old if we care for it. And it’s beneficial. The above fits no criteria worthy of retention.

phone 29 -1-15 027

Before first footprints,

Aged in fresh fallen snow,

Serenity known.

I took this from my bedroom in the early hours of this morning with my new camera phone, without a flash, on night time smart-setting or something that this auld bugger doesn’t quite get yet. But I like old and new. And I liked the results. About four minutes from here is my youngest daughter’s lovely new school at which I’m teaching for the year. Falling out of bed now. With the snow. Old(er!) and young, hand in hand, as off we walk to school. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Old and New”

  1. Very nice too! Your old place is more like mine – a 25 year old (at least), single skin mobile: freezing one minute, roasting the next – the ‘benefit’ of independent heating. Ah, well, at least I don’t get disturbed, or, indeed, informed, as no-one likes to brave the cold!
    It’s all about what goes on within the walls, though! Have fun!

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    1. Oh no, not the dreaded class in a hut! One of my colleagues was saying the other day that she had worked in one for four years that was rejected by workmen as their bothy! Not up to standard, apparently, for having your tea in but good enough to teach in.
      The minging pic above isn’t even the old school that was demolished to make way for the new but one they had to be bussed to while building took place. And it still has to house two other schools for the next couple of years while work is done on theirs. It didn’t look so bad when it was decked out with displays and stuff but, once we uncovered the walls and other parts, yeuch!
      The new one is amazing. The kids are goggle-eyed. I hope you get some solid walls around you, Chris. The right kind, of course. 😉

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      1. At my age more likely to be heading for the door (or should I say exit)! I actually quite like my current mobile – I did work in one some years back and one child asked what the strange mark on the ceiling was. Ever willing to give an answer I climbed onto a table and proceeded to put my finger through the rotten ceiling. At least it got the place condemed!
        Take care. Chris.

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  2. I’ve worked in loads of the new builds now but this is the first time to be in on the opening day. Lone piper and what nots!
    Most of the snow’s slush now, Beth. And ice. Dodgy footwork. But I can dance. Not usually on ice right enough. 😉


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