Stone Hearts

Out from the core

squeezed stone hearts,

so heavy of feet,

Lumbered on forward,

pumping and pounding, expounding

irregular beat.

Into the cities,

forests, villages,

the glens,

Trudging their muck,

gravelling paths

as they went.

New tablets hewn,


natural will,

Passed to the future

legacies voided

then stilled.

Surveyed, as proprietors,

creative accountancy


Despoiled, exhausted,


hidden inside.

Back to their bothies,

striding inwards

shelter’d from storm,

Trolls suited


awaiting new time to be born.


2 thoughts on “Stone Hearts”

  1. Mysterious indeed! To me this speaks of the march of conformity, fuelled by controlling forces, as they seek to crush individuality and the creative spirit. Mind you, I have been known to be wrong! Intriguing work, Anne-Marie.

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  2. Definitely yes on the controlling forces, Chris. I see them as stone hearts distorting and destroying natural law for reasons of their own, then going underground to refuel when they have exhausted current supplies. Mountain trolls, if you will. And they most certainly would seek others to conform, creativity being anathema to their plans. Part of my book. 🙂

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