Lines Joined

Where joining matters most might be the skyline,

Heavens reaching down caressing earth,

Or maybe where the waters kiss the shoreline,

Tumbling home anew, each wave rebirthed.

It may be where the mountains jag to cloud line

Or in the merging of the roots with soil,

Perhaps where rocks and fissures meet at hairline,

Or where air and vapour mingle at the boil.

It could just be where lovers touch on timeline,

Combined in bliss consumed, extraordinaire,

It matters not a whit, it’s all a fine line

From conjoined separation, here or there.

14 thoughts on “Lines Joined”

      1. No problem. I was hopping you wouldn’t mind me sharing it. I don’t do that too much. I have to really dig it to share it.


  1. Like this a lot. You have this way or making me imagine nature when you write, A-M.

    BTW, I wanted to click LIKE and comment on a guest post here the other day. Unfortunately, there was no way to do so. Too bad…


    1. Thanks, JGi. It’s good to know that images are conjured from my words.
      I don’t know what happened with Mark’s post. I only noticed myself much later, when I went to comment, that comments were off. I’ll check with Mark to see if that was his intention or whether there was a glitch.

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