I’m really quite excited here this avo,

I caught it in the air, I really did!

A whiff, although there’s ice still on the pavements,

A little bit of zing that blew my lid!

I was walking with my dog

(that’s twice today, some other bugger’s turn later),

And he was sniffing round as all dogs do,

I sniffed a bit myself, I couldn’t help it

And that’s when I really, really knew

That Spring is just around the corner,

I can feel it in my waatter, as we say,

And it really, really doesn’t matter

If Winter loiters round a few more days (ok, weeks!)

I can tell, as well, because I feel a surging

In my levels of energy and such,

A driving to be doing and Spring-cleaning,

Though I really don’t like the latter very much. :/

But something’s set my soul to stirring,

My feet are itching, hands as well, to move,

My brain’s on overdrive with plans and whatnots,

And my heart is beating faster just to prove

That life’s a gas when Spring is swift approaching

And I’m running fast to meet her as she comes,

I’m high as kite at smell and sight sensations

And shaking off the wintry and doldrums.

I’m really quite incredibly elated,

I’m talking like a train that’s high on speed,

No ice or snow on scan can diminish what I plan

Now Spring is scented, Spring’s my aching need.





12 thoughts on “Really!”

      1. Now, I’ve tried various flavours but I still prefer vanilla with fruit or stuff on it but never through it. Carnation Milk on top. It hardens and you get a lovely shelly bit with each spoonful and it’s extra sweet because of the milk. Cadbury’s Flake sprinkled on top, raspberry sauce, a snowball underneath. Feck, I’m salivating and I’ve already had two bowls. Didn’t have any chocolate sprinkles though. Life can be so cruel. Always tomorrow, right enough. Need to buy a new tub or there’ll be hell to pay when the real ice-cream fanatics know I’ve cleared supplies. Whoops!

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  1. Do doo doo do, do doo doo do. That was The Twilight Zone, btw. Strange things are afoot. Nae doot aboot it! Changes in the seasons way beyond all reasons, hemispheric pressure’s out of whack, geese and ducks are lost and I wonder what it costs to riddle solve and put all seasons back. Do doo doo do, do doo doo do. 🙂

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