Take Me

Take me to the bower

Where the scent from perfumed flowers

Is released by the showers

From spring rain

Where buds relinquish drips

From the life-blood that they sip

And harmonic rhythm trips

To life again.

Take me to the grasses undulating in the fields

Where the greens and yellow golds wave in the breeze

Take me quickly, now, from the depths of winter’s grip,

Take me, darling, there, please take me, please.

12 thoughts on “Take Me”

    1. Just warmin’ up the cockles on a cold, Glaswegian morn,
      ‘fore heading out to school on icy streets,
      Just simmerin’ at the thought of the spring time days ahead,
      ‘fore popping head up out from cosy sheets!

      And you have to remind me that you have summer! Bugger. 😉

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      1. We’ve actually gone out in sympathy. The nights have become very cool and I’m even putting a warmer shirt on of a morning because the breeze is a bit cool.
        It’s very bizzare, this is our last month of summer and the most humid part where it’s 95 F (35C) and you lay in a pool of sweat at night. I’ve put on a light cover so I don’t freeze during the night. I’m really beginning to think that we have had a pole shift, the seasons are really going out of whack!
        Your little tune is reminding me that those chilly nights are around the corner, maybe I should sneak over and enjoy your new found warmth that will be arriving soon 🙂

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      2. Bizarre? I’ll tell you what’s bizarre. Two hours ago I was having home made Scotch broth after coming in out of the cold and now I’m tucked under a duvet eating ice-cream and pineapples. Cold/hot. Hot/cold. It works! I’m even speculating having more. But I’d have to get up then. Hmmm, decisions. Feck it. I’m having more! Something’s sprung if it’s not quite Spring yet. Thinking brain, maybe. Wonder if that’s why lambs gambol. Sorry, losing it. Ice cream’s calling. With a yodel. Lost it. :/


  1. Oh God. …please come spring. Please. I missed last spring in the hospital and it’s my favorite season. I’m actually aching for it…

    Wonderful poem! 🙂

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