Quick, Peek

See the pages of the book as they flutter on the desk,

Caught by draught from semi-open door,

Glance upon the words, skim contents double-quick,

They’re flipping soon again, to peek some more.

Revel in the glimpse of the secrets words reveal,

While page is resting, sit down on that chair,

Peruse the contents fast, this moment doesn’t last,

A waft of current moves, no time to stare.

Chapter heads elude as the pages fall to rest,

Guess the meanings read without the clues,

Like guessing at the contents of the journal that you buy,

Minus headlines, quite frustrating news.

Reach to touch the pages and control the speed of pace,

But force invisible will shield the book,

Quickly, scan and skim, a glimpse of she or him,

Too late, await, you’ve had one little look.

8 thoughts on “Quick, Peek”

    1. It has nothing to do with my book! 🙂 – which, as you know, is progressing like a snail!
      I was thinking more of the little peeks we have of people’s lives in the few words we glimpse here and there. The rest a mystery. That’ll teach me to tag. Or not to write when I wake up first thing in the morning! Are you impatient, Cole? I wouldn’t have thought so. Ta tumm, ta twiddle, one word at a time. 😉 x


  1. Lol. My mind stays on its singular track unless jostled, lately. Just assumed it was your book that you were talking about.

    I’m not generally impatient- I think I can be quite patient indeed when it comes to most things- but when something interests me I tend to want answers yesterday. So get back to work, you. Or I’ll have to come over there and help set your nose to the grindstone… xo

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  2. Beautiful as always, Momus, but I can’t get past “semi-open door”. It’s 5 degrees here. I want a draft from a semi-open door. Why do you get one and I have to start fires in our garbage cans just to help the furnace keep the pipes from freezing. I call shenanigans.

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    1. You have my sympathies. There’s no way it’s as cold as that here. In fact, I was roasted in school today – underfloor heating – and could walk home minus my jacket. Spring’s definitely making its way. Mind and not put those bins too near or there will be shenanigans!


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