Words of Another

I wonder, sometimes,

if the words of another

reveal me to me

better than mine,

If, in sharing

their thoughts on the page,

cosmic held hands

raise ridiculous to sublime.

It’s not that I think

that I cannot convey

most visions

that whirl in my mind

But I wonder

if inhaling

words from another,

some truths are easier to find.


7 thoughts on “Words of Another”

    1. Thanks, Daniel. It is kind of weird when other people say exactly what you feel better than you know yourself. And as you rightly say, identify aspects maybe unintended in our own. Although I always remember being a bit annoyed at school doing analysis of poems/plays etc and the teacher definitively stating the author’s intention, dismissing my own interpretation (!) and me thinking, ‘How the feck do you know what they were thinking? Maybe they didn’t mean that at all.’ I suppose we see what we want to see in others’ words.

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  1. I think sometimes we appreciate others’ words more than our own, believing that they are sometimes more valid than our own. I do find that the opinions of others can, on occasions, bring new perspectives to our own work, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what words mean on a personal level. Well put, Anne-Marie.


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