Freedom’s Place

A few weeks ago, in light of the Paris terrorist attacks, I wanted to get off the world. Make it stop, I was thinking inside myself and out loud. I was crying. I know some of you think of me as a little ray of sunshine most of the time, ever optimistic. And I am. Most of the time. Because I work at it. And, deep down, I am a positive person, with a side order of depressive empathy.

So, a few weeks ago, when I wanted to get off the world I almost shut down this blog. I tried to export all my work to a new site but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I contacted support who got back to me in jig time. But, while I was waiting for them, I opened up a new blog site. There I was going to transfer everything. Start again. Just like I wanted the world to do. Support got back to me, I imported all my writing to save on file to my computer for later export. Who knew it was so easy? But I decided to sleep on it.

And I changed my mind. Woman’s prerogative aside, I had had a rest, a new day had dawned and, with it, fresh hope. It took me a few weeks to get my mojo back. I needed a holiday. But I would have missed writing.

I left the site as it was, name still there, nothing else on it. A fresh place, a free place, a place needing built anew. Just like the world in many ways.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

One of my guests here has enjoyed guesting because her own blog has a definite personna but one that doesn’t reflect the many facets of her. She’s restricted by her online blogging face. And I know she’s not alone. Why else did I want to create a place where I could weep and wail and gnash my teeth without folk thinking I was having a meltdown, going under? I wasn’t. But I did want to go somewhere where no one knew my name or anything about me. A sort of haven, a refuge if you like.

I’m going to let the place go live and anyone who wants to have a place to explore other aspects of their blogging that might not fit on their current creation is more than welcome. There will be no necessity to follow others – everyone has enough to do – there will be no responsibility on the part of facilitators to monitor or schedule, there will be no concern as to who sees, how many followers, what the stats are, any of the bloggy concerns. You can link to your own page. Or not. Up to you.

It will simply be a place where people can be free to be whatever they want to be – in prose, in poetry, in music, in photos, whatever. An experiment in collective creative process.

It will be Freedom’s Place, which is what I called it a few weeks ago when I wanted to get off the world. Please feel free to be an author of any type, creativity, building a new place from scratch.

No racists, homophobes, haters need apply. I’ll delete you. Just like that. But then, I don’t get them here. Just lovely people who may want another place to holiday from time to time.

Think of it as somwhere to have a break. Doing things you may not always do. Writing styles you may never explore otherwise. Maybe you’re a photographer who wants to try poetry. A humorist who wants to get serious. Or a poet who wants to try vlogging (oh that’s me, done that!) You be the judge of what you do on holiday. No one else is judging. Just having a break and letting the tide take where it will. No names, no pack drill.

It’ll be like a kibbutz. Freedom’s Place – A Collective.

Take your old gear with you, hang out, hang about, hang it all.

If you’d like a timeshare, your holiday place for the future, email me at  I’ll fire off an invite to author. And Bob’s your auntie. Booked for when the need arises. Happy holidays.

Be anonymous, go commando, whatever. It’s your holiday home.




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  1. Even sunny days must occasionally give way to a few clouds. I understand your needs cuz I feel the same. I may take you up on your offer. I have had some dark days that might benefit from a little light.

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  2. I am so glad you didn’t disappear from here, Anne-Marie – but can totally empathise with your wish to; I have had the same thoughts myself. Thanks for flagging up your other site: There are, I suspect, many of us on here who blog as ourselves, but have pieces we do not feel it safe to put on our main blogs. I may well be visiting your new one. xxx

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    1. You’ll be more than welcome, Paul. Vlogging is video blog

      I started doing them a good while back and made a separate page for them and other readings. Then accidentally trashed the page. :/ I started rebuilding it as I still have the videos but I got sidetracked. It’s just another medium and was quite fun to do once I got over the initial embarrassment. It’s like acting for me, I suppose. I used to do a bit of drama way back. Now life’s a drama. 😉

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  3. Sounds great! I sometimes feel the need to write, but so many know me now by Mind Chatterings (I still love the name), I just really don’t want to rant on some of my thoughts. As to getting off the world, so there with you. Just this week two of my fellow residents (old folks), women, got into a pushing swearing match, and the cops were called. So many around here are just amazed at how they acted. Battle lines are being drawn, and people are choosing sides. So damn stupid, especially from elder adults. It is not even like there are suffering from dementia or anything, just bitches. So, yeah, I would love to have a place to just post and not have my moniker attached. Too tired much of the time, but sometimes thoughts just take control and make my fingers type until they scream. Send me an invite please.

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