My name is John Ian Bush. I’m honored  to be hosting this blog today. I’m a modernist writer and poet. If you like what you read, or have some criticism, feel free to comment honestly. I’m very interested in other’s thoughts on my work.


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Modernist writer and poet.

One thought on “Introduction”

  1. Welcome, John. The honour is mine. I’ve already told you what I think of your work. But it bears repeating here.
    I read your words and hear the voice of a different America than I am accustomed to reading. I haven’t come across, in all of WP that I’ve visited, a voice so raw and real.
    I see Trainspotting when I read your words, I hear the voice of Irvine Welsh depicting a side of life I’d rather didn’t exist. But I know it does.

    I hear a call to every voting adult in your country and everywhere to cry out for better for every child, young adult, everyone.

    I read your words and my heart bleeds.

    You don’t have the vote yet but you live with the results of every non-voter or those who use theirs unwisely.

    I do believe, John, that you speak for part of your generation in your country and I pray that your words reach the right places to raise awareness and effect positive change.

    I remember being 16 and life was much sweeter. Not just in hindsight but in reality. We adults owe every child and youth a past and a future.

    I hope your future and those you speak for have one to look forward to with hope and greater justice.

    I hope that, rather than believing in trickle down economics, your elected and mine listen to the voices of grassroots raising up.

    Keep writing. Your words matter.


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