Questions on Concept Bricks / Critical Thought Bed Bugs – a poem by John Ian Bush

Part One



Question: is freedom free?

Answer: Hell, no.

The bricks we use to build concepts cost five dollars each. That’s not even counting the cost of labor.

No, no, freedom costs.


Question: what all do these bricks make?

Answer: What don’t they?


The Berlin wall was made of these bricks.

Ronald Reagan’s presidency was made of these bricks.

And President Bush was of these bricks.

And his son was of these bricks.

And Bill Clinton was of these bricks.

And Barrack Obama is of these bricks.

In fact all presidents, all politician’s, all campaigns were and are of these bricks.

Nazi Germany was built from these bricks.

And the Nazis  built their death camps from them.

And  their ovens.

And their ghettoes.

People have died and suffered, imprisoned in structures made of these bricks.

Children have marched in sand and jungles, carrying guns, fighting wars against and for the concepts man has built from these bricks. They have bled and they have seen the bleeding of others, they have made others bleed, and they have then came home to their family, watched television and cried.

The governments of all the nations were made of these bricks.

Churches are made of these bricks.

The most powerful armies are of these bricks.

All the most wondrous art are from these bricks.

All things subjective are made from these bricks.

All thing of beauty are of these bricks.


Question: Where do these bricks come from?

Answer: these bricks are cooked in factories of the mind.

You are a factory.

The children are all factories.

Even I am a factory.


Question: What is freedom?

Answer: it’s critical thought!



Part Two



There is a problem, my dearest factories.


It has infested our homes like bed bugs.

And like the bed bugs, it is sucking us dry.

Not of our blood. No. No. Our blood is safe.

These bed bugs are draining us, the factories, of critical thought.


Question: Why?

Answer: they do this so we’ll make the bricks the way they like them to be made.

I write this morally anxious,

Spiritually empty,

Intellectually anemic,

mentally disturbed

and physically sound.

This is my attempt at picking the bed bugs from my flesh.





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4 thoughts on “Questions on Concept Bricks / Critical Thought Bed Bugs – a poem by John Ian Bush”

  1. Indocrination indeed!! I used to see it aired on CNN and all the networks in varied degrees…I find I know more about the truths of those bricks from writers here on WW…people from all over the world sharing their views that we so often never see or hear in media controlled by governments or worse, controlled by money monglers of the world. Great post!

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    1. Thank you. Thank you. If you liked that, you should check out “A Prayer to the Beautiful American God”, it should be up your alley.


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