Discovery Of The Day!

Less than three

Suggests it’s two

How to form a heart

Experiment with more than >3

Or equal to and splat! =3

Some things just work better

When someone’s in the know

Some clever clogs who worked it out,

< and 3 ❤ ❤ ❤ show!

Who knew!

Lisa apparently. Comments are so educational. 🙂

(took me a while to catch on to that one ^^^^^ and this one -> 😉 ) Expect a run on hearts. :/


5 thoughts on “Discovery Of The Day!”

    1. Well, you made mine three times! First, when I saw the hearts on my ‘People Do’ post. Then seeing how you made them on the comments page. I clicked over to yours to link and now I can do 😀 and 😛 . I’m dead chuffed! 😀 😀 And ❤ ❤ for good measure. 😉 It's the simple things!

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