Stupid Hateful Evil Morons

freshly pissedThis ^^^^ is because of what follows. Just seen via Twitter.

I downloaded the above image from Phil’s place because I was angry at something I read a couple of weeks ago on the same subject. I abstained from writing anything figuring that, as a fellow blogger would say, ‘You can’t fix stupid’.

But this here! I don’t care about fixing stupid. As yet another friend would say, ‘I want to slap the stupid out of them’.

How dare they!

Stupid! Hateful! Pure and simple. Get the fuck over yourselves. This is why the world’s in a shitload of trouble. This is why I get depressed. What a world.

Stupid. Hateful. Evil. Alive and thriving.

Pissed doesn’t even begin to cover it.


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    1. I’m still fuming, Cole. Right now I could do physical violence to idiots like that. I don’t like stupidity. Batter! See how they like it. Seems that’s all the reason you need to knock people about. Like you say, I despair at times, I really do. What is the point in even trying? Half the world is full of malevolent clowns.

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      1. I’m definitely having trouble letting this sort of thing go- and ridding myself of the accompanying despair, lately. The willfully ignorant seem to be an ever-growing majority- and I have no practical idea as to how that can be countered.

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      2. I know exactly what you mean. The frustration is exactly that. I could shake sense into people. Adults. Kids only follow what they’re taught. And some are obviously taught to hate. I hear it even in school at times. My practical measures are to open their minds to other thinking, to question, but who knows if any of it makes a difference. Today we ended up talking about WWll all because the word evacuated was offered as a wow word by one of the kids. Seven years old and they know words beyond what you magine. It led onto all sorts but ultimately, why people fight with each other. Kids rationalise things differently. They do actually see stupid and wonder at it. Then somewhere they forget or are taught to believe differently; that colour matters, or someone’s weight, creed, sex, whatever. It’s adults that are stupid and blind. We need kids runnng the countries. They would just say, ‘that’s not fair, I’m not playing’ and the game would be over. I vote for kids. Adults can take a hike. Seriously. They ruin every game.

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    1. It’s certainly good to see and hear the unexpeced from different quarters. I thought for a minute, when I started watching it, that it was going to be those morons from that church somewhere in your redneck of the woods that are always shooting their mouth off, can’t recollect the name of them and don’t want to give them any free advertising. But you’d know them if you saw them. ‘I’m a feckin’ eejit’ is tattooed across their foreheads. They appeared on US TV with Russell Brand and convinced anyone with half an ounce of sense that god speaks in mysterious ways and that he obviously needs a translator.
      So, yes, this is good news. And so is love. The only one that matters.x


    1. It sure is. So the answer is, as several have kindly reminded me, education and love. This type of thing has the power to flip me over the edge in anger. I know there’s no point in following that as a means to an end. But it certainly reminds me why we keep on fighting for change in hearts and minds. Thanks for reading and your comment.

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  1. I have to agree with the above – Love is the antidote.
    I used to be just as mad when I come across prejudice or hatred of any kind. It seems so senseless to me. I don’t understand why. I got so mad to the point of wishing them back the same ill and harm. In the end, I was turning into them with that same fuming hatred, disgust and prejudice. I wanted to resort to violence against them. Hate takes us down very dark paths. It is no wonder they can’t find their way back to love. I am not going down that path ever again. We will have to keep finding better ways, kinder ways to uphold our humanity, to spread peace and harmony. Above all, to re-educated people on what it means to be human again. Hugs and love, SS/AM x

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    1. You’re absolutely right, of course, Shirley. I feel this personally because two of my own kids are gay. In fact, the girl to the left in the photo looks a lot like my daughter. The very idea that a hair of her head could be harmed because of ignorance and hate in another has me fuming. Lioness syndrome. Education and love is the answer. But I wouldn’t be able to promise that I wouldn’t chew their heads off if the moment ever happened and I was there. Lioness syndrome in the face of any victimisation. I might need to stop watching/reading the news again for a few days after these last two posts although I’m back in control now that I’ve vented. It never takes me too long to calm down. Back to love and peace and education. I’ll work on the hope overnight. Hugs and love to you Shirley, wise lady.
      Oh, I meant to invite you to Freedom’s Place – a hang out holiday for bloggers needing a different scene. I’ll fire off an invite if you’d like.x

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  2. I don’t even want to click on it. The link already tells me I’m not going to like it one bit and will leave me depressed. I can’t be hateful and depressed these days, well, months. Morons, I can take. Evil morons are a whole other species and…I’ll stop here before I get myself all mad again. Not good for me.

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