The Massage Dude

Should I really be laughing for the second time today at NTT’s unfortunate experience with a male ‘physical therapist’? Do guys really wear tight, white, lycra gym pants? And just how many words are there for an erection because I’m pretty sure NTT knows them all? Why do I laugh at stuff like this? I need to know these things.


I have a bad back, so I go for therapeutical massage frequently. I’ve always seen female therapists; not for any real reason, just because there are more women than men in the field.
Lately, my back’s been so tight you could bounce a quarter off it and my neck has gotten so stiff that friends have started making “stiffie” jokes. It’s time for a massage when people start to make boner jokes about your neck. (Haha, by the way, very creative.)

I called my massage therapist (you have to call them therapists. They correct you if you accidentally slip in “masseuse”, and you do NOT want your masseuse angry with you) to schedule an appointment. She’s a popular lady, so I’m used to waiting a few days to get in, but this time it was a TWO WEEK wait for an appointment. The only one in the office…

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