Triangle Upon Triangle

thought to extemporise an idea

felt here and there

balanced more intrinsically than obvious

awakening to blindfolded, nothing

ever seen before but understood

communicants rather than participants

evolutionary rather than stagnant

recognition rather of nothingness


universality in Hubble moments

floating the grounded

elevating the rooted

archetypes vanished

in splendour, a vacancy,

void broken at apex,

triangle upon triangle,

widening from the narrow,

closing behind widest

to be breached again,

triangle upon triangle,

overlapping base to

next head

forward filling,

sided similarly

crossing, criss-crossing,

exploring divergence

new awareness



7 thoughts on “Triangle Upon Triangle”

    1. It was kind of born from some things I’d been reading and listening to, tied in with what I’m writing – a bit of a mishmash really, trying to visualise exploration of the unknown, breakthroughs followed by general understanding till the next breakthrough. It is like a maze in many ways, I suppose, me being right in there along with everyone else. Like discoveries are waiting to be found till we think we know the answers then a new one awaits and so on. I’m bamboozled myself by much of it but I love thinking of how it all works and any new ideas to exemplify the general quest.

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      1. I do love it when the words come and you’re not quite sure where they are heading – as if they have their own life, and some meaning that you are yet to fathom. Great to come back to at a later date, especially when you get that, ‘So that’s what’s it’s about..’ moment!

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