Room 101

Just finished watching Room 101 on telly. I opted for Auld Fartdom.

As far as I’m aware, the origins of Room 101 are from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ where any occupant’s greatest fear was known and used against them to control any perceived rebellious streak.

The TV version, of course, doesn’t focus on fears but on aversions. Tonight a panel of three celebrities got to air their pet-hates which included noisy eaters, women whose toes hang over the end of open-toed shoes, travellers who recline their seats back into your space and kissers with overactive salivary glands. First world problems, I know.

But it got me to wondering about what things turn my stomach or bug me.

And I’m curious about yours.

Straight off, I’ll say one thing I cannot stomach is being in close proximity to someone brushing their teeth. Even my own kids. I’ve done it, of course, but cringed the whole time and designated that a daddy task whenever I could.

I won’t go into the fine details but imagine a scenario where I was forced to witness this enmasse. Last year, a class, new initiative, children all brush their teeth together in class after lunch. I was almost ill being in the same room as that amount of noisy brushing and frothy whitening around the lips. The thought of them all spitting into the sink had me reeling. But, no fears, they just swallowed. That induced a fit of heaving. It took every bit of self-control to remain in the same room as them and the teacher as he counted off two minutes of brushing. No one, as far as I’m concerned, should be compelled to be in the same room as anyone brushing their teeth.

So, what are your aversions? What makes you gag or want to close off the senses?  Or, in the spirit of the original, what really scares you?

((According to my 13 year old, people who turn their eyelids inside out, aubergines (but there’s a reason for that one) and clowns. With her on the clowns and the eyes. I’m responsible for the aubergines.))


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  1. Omg sis, lmao here…..LouLou and aubergines – from what I remember Claire is responsible for her horror of the aubers – ice cream plus aubers if I remember correctly?! And haw – thought you were going to indulge in a Twilight night?! xxx


  2. Not a lot – but people chewing with their mouth open is a bit of a ‘no-no’ for me. Our son’s a bit of a master at it, suckling pizza back from the edge of his lips. Hmm. I can live with most other odd little habits!

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  3. My pet hate is blogs about pet hates. Just kidding of course. Funny you wrote this today. My post that’s scheduled to post in about 25 min is about stuff that bugged me this week. Sorry, gotta go now to brush my teeth.

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    1. Funny! My sister always sneezes three times, and hard. I always tease her like I am looking for her brains, then I go, “…oops, my bad, there weren’t any in the first place.” Yeah, pisses her off.

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      1. Well I think so, but I have been told so many times I am mean and not sister like. Since I am the oldest, I figure I get to establish what ‘sister behavior’ should be, thus I laugh at her, and she gets pissed. As long as I laugh, everything is cool! LOL

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      2. I have big sisters that laugh at me. It makes me be able to laugh at myself. Then I have little sisters that I tease. I think sisters are cool, but sometimes they piss me off. Then I have to tell one of them a secret though and I can’t stay pissed off. 🙂

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  4. I have to say though one of my worst peeves is long yellow toenails. I actually left a line at a bank, in which I had been shuffling for about 10 minutes, when I noticed the woman in front of me. She had sandals on, and her toenails were long, twisty, and yellow. Once seen cannot be unseen…so I held down my lunch, and left the bank. My boss was dumbfounded, but he got over it. It was a weird reaction which came out of no where, I had no idea it was an issue for me. No I know, so I am looking for support groups, and the Summertime is very stressful for me. LOL

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