Terse Love Notes

I’ll love and leave you now by yonder garden’s statues,

Each a monument to loving passed,

Scripts of tersest love notes carved upon them,

In memoriam that love forever lasts.

When all is said and done, love’s really something

That a lifetime spent in loving living can be fit

On stones of marbled granite, love etched so simply,

Terse with love and summarising it.


One of the bloggers I follow invited poetic contributions where the word ‘love’ was used in each line. I’ll be buggered if I can remember who it was, to make the link, but this is my contribution anyway.


Unsleep The Night

Unsleep the night, 


repress fallacious feasibility,


awake the dreamer to all probability,

Forsake the hours spent in cloud drifts, ghosted shadows

of the lives we meant to see,

all possibilities.

Day’s disambiguation


Remembered fantasies.

Trail the highways of insomnia,

where bridges solid

link illusion to reality,

Unsleep the night.