Unsleep The Night

Unsleep the night, 


repress fallacious feasibility,


awake the dreamer to all probability,

Forsake the hours spent in cloud drifts, ghosted shadows

of the lives we meant to see,

all possibilities.

Day’s disambiguation


Remembered fantasies.

Trail the highways of insomnia,

where bridges solid

link illusion to reality,

Unsleep the night.


8 thoughts on “Unsleep The Night”

  1. Hoping you have slumbered well since this. I cannot sleep without taking something now. I have tried, unsuccesfully. If only we had a key that would lock the brain. x


    1. Thanks, Jen. It’s a pain, isn’t it? The falling asleep bit I can do no problem. It’s the staying asleep that’s the bugger! I keep waking umpteen times a night. :/ x


      1. I hear you darling, last night it was a fight for the doona and sheet, hold, cold, hot, brain working overtime. Hang in there babe, here’s to a good nights sleep 😘


      2. So your bed looks like a war zone in the morning too! Then it’s thank god for coffee in the morning to get me going. Bloody-minded bodies and brains.x


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