Simply Known

Some things are clearer in darkness,

Sight abides,

Some touch is more tender with absence,

Felt inside,

Some sounds are louder in silence,

Heard within,

Some tastes always linger in memory,

Salt of skin,

Some senses respond minus stimuli,

Simply known,

Some love needs nothing to guide it,

Still shown.

Some senses are stolen in time’s stakes,

Such a sin,

Some, though, are never forgotten,

Win, win.



16 thoughts on “Simply Known”

    1. Oh, thank you, Mark. I don’t know what I’d do without words like these. I could weep. I can do this, can’t I? The writing I mean. It feels so easy for poetry. But that f#=/+:! book is doing my head in. I need more wine. :/

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      1. Of course you can. The only problem with the book is YOU have put expectations on YOU. Let them go. Just enjoy the journey. You have done something most others would quake at. You’ve already stepped waaaaay out of your comfort zone, but enjoyed the thrill of doing it. Your now trying to write the book for everyone else. Let it go. Enjoy what you are doing for YOU, everything else will look after itself.
        The biggest fear of a creator is what they think everyone else wants…when the truth is…they want what you naturally already give anyway…just be you. And shoot, that’s not hard…look at your poetry 😀

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  1. I love you. I really do. How is it possible that I can go from wanting to delete everything to thinking that maybe I don’t HAVE to do this because I said I would but because I want to? If it never sees the light of day I’ll write what I already did. Something I love. Something that means something to me. Mark, you heal in more ways than you think. Thank you.x

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