Tending The Future

The future steps in, wide gait mesmerizing

Will our people be met with grace

The starving tide of the greedy hand

Or a safe-house, built-in love to give


If it be that greed does seed upon our dreams,

Make no mistake, swords in hand we will stand

A love can enfold to have and to hold or even yet

A rage can wash away every slave owner’s wish


We can be one power, standing against a past

The one of shackles and locks to be bound

Every penny aside, embracing life’s bliss

Starving the governors, ignore their duress

Stating the clue, saving grace to the elite

The last time we sit, watching it go down

Our work far from the politics obscene

Artisans who know the difference between


Puppet masters may dance on man-made strings

Strings that will be cut with a slash and a ring

Hear the next generation’s warnings true

Embrace our open arms or be cut down, no remorse

– Johnny and Lisa Ojanpera


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You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.

17 thoughts on “Tending The Future”

  1. Bravo, you two!
    In the lead up to the General Election here in May it becomes increasingly obvious that in-party power struggles and hanging on to the Establishment’s power base take precedence over what is right for the general populace. That we are held in such disdain is galling to most sensibilities. Many feel what you express here.

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    1. Thank you, Anne – Marie. I’m glad we could be of service. I felt your blog calling to me and that’s what came out in the flow of things. I agree with you 100%. It’s time to shift to a new point of view with action.

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  2. I’m half scared of what might arise in the results when certain parties feel the need to make strange bedfellows. Another part of me is rubbing my hands with glee that they will reap what they have sown. The media are having a field time manipulating and massaging where their loyalties lie and some of the outpourings from those quarters are unbelievable. Talk about attack is the best form of defence! I pity the UK if the public believe half of it. Action is being taken. I just don’t know how much. And if it will be enough. But we’re trying in many ways.
    You must both be tuned in, Lisa, to have written this at this time. Thank you both.

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    1. Me and Johnny are always tuned in. I’m watching them flip and flop, their mind games, the manipulation. The whole thing makes me sick. They will eventually reap what they have sewn. It is inevitable. An apple tree produces apples. 😉

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      1. I’m sure they can’t. I believe they have fallen in a catch 22 of their own propaganda. The beginning of the growth of their nasty fruit. So sad, too bad! They should have chosen love.

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      2. Check out this page if you get a chance, Lisa.
        Scotland has a few choices that are somewhat more palatable. You can check out quite a bit there.
        For example, the EU governments are principally right wing-authoritarian. UK as much as any and more than many. You might be interested in the US stats although they might not have been updated. Their actions and words place them where they are. You can also take the test yourself! Makes for some enlightening viewing.

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      3. That sounds really interesting. I bookmarked it and will totally dig into it this afternoon. Thank you so much, Anne- Marie!!!

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