North Country

A guest post from Paul Lenzi for my friend Anne-Marie and her devoted readers:

North Country

cool air spirits me
off to north cardinals
stinging my nostrils
with life to be lived
as it was
once before
under magnetized arcs
compass needle describes
in my unsteady hand

there where purples are blue
and the elk
kneel to drink
feeling safe
in my unscented shadow
where sweat will
evaporate quickly
and hemlocks
envelop the breeze
with green fanning fingers

there where thinking
irradiates heaven
with colorful avalanche
falling on clouds
and to speak in a hush
starts the eagle
from high in his aerie
to glide on the rise
of the soughing recital

there where ice gives illusion
of mountains
too tall for the trees
where I shift to brisk stride
with invigorant purpose
to bury my pain
in some valley unmarked
at least for a day

– Paul F. Lenzi


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Paul F. Lenzi

Retired insurance company executive. New Jersey born and bred, now enjoying the lush mountains and blissful tranquility of quaint New Hampshire. There is no theme to this blog. My poetry is eclectic. My polemics are judgmental. My prose is thoughtful. All of my writing is unschooled but emphatically heartfelt. Some of it is for fun and allows me to play with and experiment with words and ideas. Some of it vents my emotion and is therein therapeutic. All of it has the quality of subjective truth and conveys who and what I am in my depths.

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