Letter’d Lives

Though we don’t write the endings to our stories,

We’re bound to tell the passages between,

Letters written, words too oft confounding,

On life’s parchment, scripted scene by scene.

Underlying themes and sub-plots merging,

Combined, refined, relate the years we’ve seen,

Central characters all pulled together,

Writing book of life and where we’ve been.

Sometimes story plot becomes confusing,

Characters won’t say and do all that they mean,

Deletions happen often though they hurt you,

No one likes to lose the plan they’ve weaned.

Conflict often rises though unplanned for,

Resolutions too, when hope it seemed

Had fled the prose and left an empty page there,

Tale renews and onward goes as schemed.

Standing back and viewing sometimes helps here,

Perspective on a scale too rarely seen,

Judgements made, a brand new tack is taken,

Weaving all perceptions that we’ve gleaned.

No, we don’t write the endings to our stories

But try to polish them to worthy sheen,

Chapters running, coming all together,

Life lines written, speaking volumes in between.



22 thoughts on “Letter’d Lives”

    1. I seriously wouldn’t know where to start although others have kindly suggested it. Right now I’m stuck trying to edit the life out of 52000 Nano words and making a meal of it. The poetry book would probably be far easier. :/

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  1. I like the rhythm of this poem, Anne-Marie, and your ending rounds this off like a story, which is fitting. Perhaps not writing the ending is the key, or the secret we are all searching for?

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    1. Thanks, Chris. The rhythm comes with a tune. I seem to have songs on the brain this while back. The first few lines I hummed along to a week or so ago then the rest appeared today. I think the post of Paul’s that I reblogged gelled the theme for me. And I’m glad we don’t know the endings. I never peek at the endings. Spoils the whole lot for me. Although, bizarrely, I can watch the end of a movie and then go back to the beginning to see how they got there!

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